MTCHS Student Work Examples

MTCHS student work contest

We have officially started the MTCHS student work competition. The top works will be featured on the website. Please follow the guidelines on work and uploading instructions.

Guidelines and rules

  1. All work must be school appropriate
  2. Submit high quality work
  3. PDF files are preferred, but you may submit any type of file*
    • Note: multiple files, html files, js files, exe files, etc. MUST be uploaded in a ZIP file.
  4. Please only submit work taken seriously

Uploading instructions

  1. Save your file in the following format: “yourfilename[yourname_yourshortcomment]”. Any additional comments you have about the piece such as pathway, inspiration, design, etc. must be placed in the ‘yourshortcomment’ section.
    Example: greenRedLogo[ColtonHix].png
  2. Click the “Add Files” button to select your file (not the file up button)
  3. Choose your file and click “ok”
  4. Now click the “File Up” button when you are ready
  5. Your submission is complete! For any questions or requests, please email or
* .html files are not supported on their own, they must be in a ZIP folder