Connect From Home

Remote Desktop Clients are required to connect to the MTCHS Phoenix or Vulcan servers (which enable use of school software and access to student files and resources). By default, most windows versions have a remote desktop client installed automatically, but support for other operating systems, such as Mac OS and Linux, may not contain a compatible client that works with the school’s system. This page outlines the different clients available for use by students in order to remote into the Phoenix or Vulcan servers.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10:

Start → Run* → “mstsc” → OK

*NOTE: Windows Vista/7 May not have the “Run” button. Simply use the text field located directly on the start bar.
*NOTE: Solidworks will work best on Vulcan
In the window that appears, type in (windows 8) or (windows 7) and press “Connect”.
You will be prompted for user credentials. Click “Use Another Account”. Use the credentials used to login to the computers at school, but prefix your user name with “MTCHS\” (i.e. “MTCHS\”).


Please download the Remote Desktop Connection Client 2.1.1 for Mac. This will install a remote desktop client compatible with the school’s systems, of which is almost identical to the client found on Windows systems. Please refer to the Windows documentation in order to use the Mac RD Client (they are essentially the same).


(NOTE: Please make sure you have root access, or you can successfully use the sudo command.) RDesktop is the preferred Remote Desktop client for linux-based systems (not including macs). If you know how to install it, the package is called rdesktop. To Install:

Open up a terminal/command prompt
Type sudo apt-get install rdesktop
If prompted, enter the password to the root account (or working sudo password)
If prompted, enter “y” if asked to confirm the file size

To connect, type in rdesktop or and press enter.

When connected, click “Other User” and login with your school login credentials.