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Welcome to the MTCHS Admin Portal!

We have modified the Admin Portal to only be accessible to Students and Staff that deal with real Administrator Functionality. We’ve shifted anything related to staff over to the Staff section of the website, so you can make all of your changes there. We hope that this helps to simplify the Admin Portal, and gives a more comprehensive list of what can be modified.

On the left is a list of tabs that you can use to visit areas that will allow you to modify information regarding the sections.

If you find any bugs or issues, or would like to suggest that a change be made, please talk to whomever the Student Programming Intern is, or see Ms. Richtsmeier.

Instructions and Information

Instructions and Information

Here, you can view information, instructions, and documentation on the features of the site. If you have any questions or can not find the information that you are looking for, please e-mail the Student Programming Intern or Ms. Richtsmeier.

Remember: Take advantage of your browser’s find functionality (ctrl+f) to help locate information!

Accessing the WordPress Backend
1. Ensure that you have logged in to the MTCHS Website with your Google Account by clicking the Login button in the Navigation.
2. After logging in, the WordPress navigation bar should appear at the top of the screen. Click the button that says MTCHS.
3. You are now looking at the WordPress Backend management system.
— For easy access, you should be able to hover the “+ New” button and choose “Post”, following the instructions below.

Naming Standards for Documents and Forms
1. Remember: Everyone has access to these documents, and we want to ensure that we are professional and appropriate in the way that we name things. Please follow the naming and formatting standards below, when naming new documents or forms.
2. Naming Standards: The first letter of every word should be capitalized, except for acronyms (where all letters are capitalized), and articles, conjunctions, and participles (where all letters should be lowercase).
3. Formatting Standards: All text should be consistent, and consist of only one color and one typeface/font. Additionally, emphasis (ie. bold, italics, underlines) should only be used sparsely and in appropriate situations.

Modifying a User on the Website
1. Direct yourself to the WordPress Backend Dashboard.
2. Click the “Users” heading on the WordPress sidebar.
3. You can find each user by their username, which should be in “Firstname_Lastname” format.
4. Also, you can use the search functionality in the upper right hand corner of the page, to quickly find a specific user.

Adding a News Post
1. Direct yourself to the WordPress Backend Dashboard.
2. Click the “Posts” heading on the WordPress sidebar.
3. Here you can see all the previous posts, to add a new one click the “Add New” button at the top of the page.
4. Enter a title in the large textbox at the top of the page.
5. Enter a description about the event.
6. Ensure that all text entered is formatted correctly, in a single color and a meager amount of other formatting elements.
7. Set the date that this event should begin displaying.
8. For a post that will expire, you must set that date as well. Look for the box to the right (it will be to the bottom of the page) titled “Post Expirator”. Check the box next to “Enable Post Expiration” and select your date. Next to “How to expire:” click the drop down and select “Category:Replace”. It should automatically select the “Archive” Category, which will archive your post on the selected date.
10. Finally, click the “Publish” button at the top right of the page.

Verifying the Publishing of a News Post
1. Direct yourself to the WordPress Backend Dashboard.
2. Click the “Posts” heading on the WordPress sidebar.
3. Click the “Pending” heading above the list of posts. This will filter out all posts not marked as pending.
4. Click on the post that you want to verify.
5. If the post looks correct and school appropriate, then click the “Publish” button.
6. The post will now show up in the news section when the specified time gets here.

Modifying Your Club Information
(You must first be logged into your club account.)
1. Direct yourself to the WordPress Backend Dashboard.
2. Click the “Pages” heading on the WordPress sidebar.
3. In the Search section in the upper right hand corner of the webpage, type in “Clubs” and hit “Search Pages.”
4. Select and edit the “Clubs” page.
5. Click the “Tabs” section in the main content area of the page.
6. In the popup, there should be a list of the clubs that are currently on the webpage. Select the one that you belong to.
7. Select the “Visual” tab above the content editor for a WYSIWYG editor.
8. Once you are done editing, hit the “Save” button.
9. Click “Save” again.
10. Finally, click the “Update” button on the right hand side of the page to display your changes.

Other Pages

This is a link to the TV image uploader.

We have moved all things relating to the Television information that is shown at the school to another area. Here is a link to the page where you can view and modify all information related to the television.